What's Missing In Your Life?

Spiritual Puzzle PieceDo you long for a deeper spiritual walk?  Maybe you’re searching for meaning and purpose. So many people feel disconnected from family and friends these days - sometimes even from God. But be encouraged. You're not alone. There really is a missing piece - and you can find it.

Maybe you have too much to do so there isn't time for a satisfying spiritual life.  The average lifestyle leaves little opportunity for a deeper spiritual walk. But there is a way. And you're on the path to finding it. Read more...

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Meditation on Scripture

Lent, Fasting and CharityMeditation on scripture is a Christian discipline that draws the human soul into the depths of God's revelation. Renew your heart and mind with divine wisdom through direct encounters with the living Logos.
This nine page download offers a complete personal study along with a leader's guide. Read more.

On a Quest for Christ

This new book by Lisa Are Wulf is now available! Her 30-day devotional helps trace your spiritual On a Quest for Christsteps from the first whispers of faith to resting in god's arms. Gentle questions guide the re-telling of your story as comforting scripture and prayers enrich your reflections. Uncover the hidden places where you have encountered Christ! The "Christ Quest Time Map" helps you see the path ahead as you look back on your journey. Read More...

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Spiritual Direction

Christian Spiritual DirectionA spiritual director is like a life coach who gently guides you along the path of your unique spiritual journey and helps you experience the revelation of Christ within. Read more...

New Website for
One Woman Sanctuary

Check out Lisa Are Wulf's new ministry web site. The One Woman Sanctuary site is a safe and quiet place to find inner One Woman Sanctuarypeace and sacred space to be with Christ.

Lisa's new web site offers spiritual resources and thoughtful articles that will hellp you find quiet time with Christ. Restful colors and caring content make the site a welcome place along your spiritual journey.

Drop in for a quiet stop along your sometimes stressed and anxious path. To enter the sanctuary click here.

Living for God Blog

Spiritual blogger, Calvin Wulf, is a Calvin Wulf Spiritual Bloggerpublished Christian writer, spiritual director, and retreat leader. He shares timeless wisdom and personal experience. Enter the journey…





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